Summer of Fashion

Café Costume presents a new collection of limited linings in collaboration with 9 Belgian artists, hailing from all provinces, in which fashion meets graphic design. 

The prints can be previewed in Café Costume Brussels. Personalisation being one of Café Costume’s core strengths and driving forces, the limited collection will be available to personalise made-to-measure suits as of this September. 

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- collaborating artists -


alice janne - "the kleptomaniac" - namur

suit by Alice Janne "the kleptomaniac"

carll cneut - "valentina's birds" - west-flanders

Suit by carll cneut "valentina's birds"

debora lauwers - "holy salami" - limburg

suit by debora lauwers "holy salami"

dennis tyfus - "pak aan" - antwerp

Suit by dennis tyfus - "pak aan"

fanny vanmansart - "no borders" - luxemburg

Suit by fanny vanmansart "no borders"

floris verbeeck - "pigmentes" - brussels

Suit by floris verbeeck "pigmentes"

hell’o monsters - "vaudoo" - hainaut

Suit by hell’o monsters "vaudoo"

la villa hermosa - "osb" - liège

Suit by la villa hermosa "osb"

musketon - "kittens" - east-flanders

Suit by musketon "kittens"