Live light on your feet
Traditional summer ties made in Italy


These exclusive Café Costume ties are made in Italy using traditional craftsmanship.


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personal made-to-measure suit, vest or pair of trousers.

Edition de Luxe summer fabrics

The seasonal fabric collection, hand-picked by Café Costume’s design team.
These gemstone cufflinks by Café Costume are the perfect git to power a suit

Gemstone cufflinks

A fitting addition to a power suit.
custom made suspenders from the hand of Mayenne Nelen for your suit

Brace yourself

Having a bond moment? Put some suspense in your suit with these 100% made in Belgium suspenders.
Belt of Mayenne Nelen to top off your trousers

Buckle up by Mayenne Nelen

Buckle up with these new prints in our Mayenne Nelen collection of belts.
custom made suspenders from the hand of Albert Thurston

Loopholes by Albert Thurston

Having a bond moment? Put some suspense in your suit with these 100% hand crafted suspenders.
made-to-measure classic coat

Bring on the coat

Breeze into winter with our selection of made-to-measure coats. Café Costume updates the classic coat: the finest craftsmanship is used to create fresh alternatives to traditional styles.
made-to-measure winter suits

Winter is coming

The finest craftsmanship in Italian or English fabrics and exquisite details to personalise your winter garment.
woollen, silk or knitted winter tie

Winter ties

Don’t let winter tie you to the house: prepare with the right attire.
hand-made leather shoes

Walk this way

Go where no man has ever gone before in our collection of hand-made leather shoes.
Hand-made Zespà sneakers made in France

Zespà x Café Costume

Take off your tie, unbutton your shirt’s collar and put on your favourite sneakers.
made-to-measure suit for spring

Ah, spring is in the air

Unwind in your made-to-measure second skin.
colourful cufflinks produced by Warman to wear your suit in style

Mix & Match

Wear your handmade suit in style with these colourful cufflinks produced by Warman.
hand-stitched, buttery soft leather gloves

Fits like a glove

Shake hands and make up… your mind.
handcrafted wallet with high quality leather

ZLQ x Café Costume

Limited Edition - Handcrafted In Belgium
hand-made italian summer tie in silk, cotton or linen blend

Sunny ties

Our wide array of silk, cotton or linen blend ties in different colours and motives take the sun into your suit.