Elegant and happy colored bowties

An original collection of elegant and happy colored bowties.
collaboration between branding agency glossy.tv and suit maker Café Costume

Café Costume x Glossy.tv

Opaque: rock solid exclusive linings.


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Baloji wears a custom-made suit of Café Costume

Baloji x Hendrick's gin

Baloji, long-time Café Costume ambassador, has hooked up with Hendrick’s Gin.
handmade collection of cufflinks and tie clips in silver and gold

Atelier 11 x Café Costume

Accessorise your bespoke shirt with a simple yet quirky detail.
Collection made by Fanny Vanmansart

Fanny Vanmansart

An exclusive collection of colourful pocket squares based on the eclectic collage artworks of Fanny Vanmansart.
Baloji wears a suit of Café Costume

Suits x Shirt for Baloji

64 bits and Malachite. Album out in October.
new collection of limited linings

Summer of Fashion

Café Costume presents a new collection of limited linings in collaboration with 9 Belgian artists, hailing from all provinces, in which fashion meets graphic design.