Café Costume presents

L'édition Limitée

A limited edition made-to-measure selection carefully curated by Café Costume’s, all at affordable prices. Just sit back and order yourself 3 free samples. + To top it off, we’ll send you a free shirt voucher to go along with your new suit.


Samples that suit you.

Twenty uniquely tailored pieces from fabrics limited in meters that offer a stylish answer to textile waste. Though Café Costume has more than a thousand fabrics to match your style, these twenty fits are the highlight for the upcoming season. Suits that fit both professional & festive occasions. To ensure the perfect L’Édition Limitée suit match, free fabric samples are included.

Just a free shirt?

If you prefer to discover these fabrics in one of our stores,but still feel like receiving that free shirt*? Fill in the form below, and we’ll hook you up with the free shirt voucher. Just make sure you bring it to the rendez-vous with your tailor!