sales advisor


As a key player in Belgium’s made-to-measure world, we’re never shy of opportunities. There’s always room for improvement in both services as in craft. You could be that upgrade. The world is collectively moving away from fast fashion, and Café Costume has traditionally offered a brighter alternative. In made-to-measure we present our clients with an option that’s elegant as well as more sustainable. A personal approach, a unique product at a supreme quality is our concept, of which you can be part.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people with an inquisitive mind, creative intelligence, and good energy. And although we all share the same goal, we are a very diverse group of people. From IT to product, fashion to marketing, or shop to logistics; the range of qualities within the company is extensive.

what else is on offer

An enthusiastic company in which people are familiar with one another.A product that is aesthetically pleasing. A Friday and/or Saturday drink.The occasional (office) party.A chance to build your own wardrobe.Insurance benefits for your clumsy ass.Learning and growing opportunities to match your interests.An opportunity to help people in ways that exceed fashion.

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