We are not the authority on music, but pride ourselves on being a fair judge of character. Which, in Bolis Pupul’s case, is an easy task. Especially since the Soulwax brothers paved the way for us. They have picked up on Bolis’s skill early on in his career and invited him to join their Studio Deewee label. Accompanying the talent you’ll find a kind, whimsical man. Mr Pupul visited our Ghent store to collaborate in the creation of several outfits. When asked to bring one of his favourite items, a roll of toilet paper was not immediately what we were expecting. The explanation, however, is one we can easily get behind. According to Bolis, a favourite item implies an ‘important’ item. “What’s more important than a roll of toilet paper in our daily life?”, he concludes. Who are we to challenge wisdom in its purest form?

Suits, as seen through the eyes of Bolis, should be colourful. “Men should not be scared of wearing colourful stuff. It’s so conservative. I mean, why settle for a bland lining when a pink one fits just as nicely?”. As far as colour goes, Bolis has a pretty good grasp of the spectrum, without overstepping the dodgy boundaries of good taste. Throughout the process of taking measurements, it becomes clear Bolis has a way to project his calm demeanor to his surroundings. This attitude speeds up the process of going through the sartorial choices, as the fit and look of his suits are clear to him from the start.

“Men shouldn't be scared of wearing colourful stuff."

First off, a velvet cloth from Holland & Sherry was chosen in a deep oxblood colour. The shape chosen for his suit is bold, as the fabric itself is of a calmer, more sedate type. Together with his tailor, Valérie, a wide peak lapel is chosen as key element of the vest, while a the waistline of Bolis’ trousers are raised a few centimeters to inadvertently draw the eye toward the torso and face. In essence: a traditional pick of fabric type, molded into a modern and highly personal fit. For the second part of his sartorial bout, Bolis opts for a double-breasted, white pinstriped suit against a green field. This compliments his build, while amplifying the light-hearted personality wearing it. You could argue that choosing a pinstriped-pattern is, foremost, a reflection of professionality. We let Bolis’s track record be the judge of that. In a career path steeped in creativity and emotion, the pin-striped pattern -usually reserved for the more traditional jobs- could be perceived as a tongue-in-cheek take on it. The cloth supplier, Ariston, is the ideal facilitator, as known provider of bold and colourful textiles.

But what is the use of a suit without the opportunity to wear it? Bolis has a few things lined up: a new album with Charlotte Adigéry is due to come out at the end of 2021, hopefully sorting out this year on an inspirational note. But there is more, Bolis has been working on a solo album. If all goes well, there’ll be enough Bolis to go around for everyone.