We know, it’s been a while. Don’t feel bad, let’s just talk. We’re happy you still knew where to find it, your suit. It’s a shame it’s in such a state. Let us help. First off, how fucked is it? Has is been at the bottom of your wardrobe, among the ties that slipped down (let’s talk about that later) and that one shirt with the paint stains on you still haven’t thrown out? Does it have a weird smell? Is it creased like a Ferrero Rocher wrapping? Have you become a little too familiar with those wrappers, lately? No problem. Firstly, hang it out properly. The vest supported by a hanger. The trousers upside down, clipped to a seperate hanger. This might already have done the trick. Secondly, take a shower, make sure the suit is suspended somewhere in the room so that the moisture of your hot shower can slip into the fabric. Again, this might be all the suit needs to return to its former glory. Not yet? Proceed to step 3: steam the suit. Doing this requires a steamer, although you can use an iron as well. Be careful when using the iron though: do not literally iron your fabric. Use it solely for the purpose of steaming. Handheld steamers are easy to come by nowadays, so we suggest acquiring one of those. Your ironing days are over. Persistent little crease? This final tip is the last method you can do by yourself, at home. Use a damp cloth/towel to get rid of the folds. Slightly moisten a towel with hot water and place it over the wrinkled fabric. Now you wait. This approach is by far the longest of the four, as you’ll have to wait half an hour or more, and afterward you’ll still have to wait for the suit to dry.

Next up: is it dirty? A suit dangling off the corner of its hanger or laying forgotten in the corner of your room can accumulate some dirt. First: try rubbing the crime scenes with the sleeve of said suit. More often than not a spot can be removed by simply rubbing it with a piece of the same fabric. Okay, so that didn’t work. DO NOT try to clean it yourself. The fabrics we use are natural fabrics or at the very least predominantly natural ones. What that means is, don’t put them in your washer. Bring your suit to the dry cleaners. You do not need to have it cleaned, you can ask to have it pressed. That way the suit will be returned to you in a shape the military would be proud of. If your suit is dirty as well as creased, have it cleaned too. But please don’t just go to any old dry cleaning place, do your research: your suit deserves good care.

Having your favourite garment exposed to the wrong treatment or products could ruin it. That’s why we at C.C. recommend going to a dry cleaner that does their treatment on location. Not a dry cleaner that sends everything out to be cleaned somewhere else. Compare it to going to a restaurant or ordering take-out to be delivered by bike. Unless you are a fan of pizza’s with the toppings slipped off to one side, you know what’s good for you. Lastly – and we know you’ve been dreading the question- how does it fit? Maybe the world situation isn’t the only thing that changed. Again, we’d like to offer our help. You can do one of two things 1. Get back into the shape you were in when the suit fit. Yes, this might take some time but take a look at that photo of you in your suit and use it as an incentive. 2. Book an appointment in your C.C. store. Bring the suit. At our store, we have our tailors present to take a crack at it. Skilled colleagues are constantly working on achieving the ultimate fit. If you find yourself in a situation where you need some extra breathing space, we can help. Our suits are created with a fair amount of seam allowance. These hidden gems can be used to make minor adjustments to the suit. Alternately, if things have gotten a bit loose, a seam can be used to get rid of the surplus.

“Please don't just go to any old dry cleaning place, do your research: your suit deserves good care."

If the alterations needed are simple ones, there’s a chance we can do it on the spot.If it needs some more TLC, we’ll let you know when you can come back for a second fitting. Either way, the aim is to have you wear as proudly as before.

If this doesn’t answer your question, feel free to reach out to us.You’ll find your C.C. tailor is happy to assist.