Introducing someone as well-known as Charlotte Adigéry feels superfluous. She's been soaring through the (inter)national airwaves, leaving a solid impression. Getting the opportunity to dress someone as vibrant and good-humored as Adigéry has been a very gratifying experience, considering she's described her on-stage as 'glamourous and campy'. We met up to discuss aspirations, rituals and sartorial joie-de-vivre.

"Everything can be cool, provided YOU are the one wearing it, not other way around."

"I love dressing up for a show, I adore glitters and all the glamour it entails. That's why I think I'd be a make-up artist if I didn't do what I do now. It's something I have a passion for as well. Both make-up and wearing the clothes I wear help me stay modest, weirdly. I don't take myself too seriously, that way. Also, in my daily life, I don't want to be limited to what I wear." "I don't think there's anything I wouldn't wear", Charlotte continues, "Everything can be cool, provided YOU are the one wearing it, and not the other way around. For example, brands might send you cool pieces, which you will then want to wear because they are archive or edgy. It's a fast track to losing your authenticity." Not that she's averse to unique or interesting clothing, "If I had the money, I would love collecting interesting garments or make-up. I find everything prior to fast fashion fascinating and -often- beautiful."

Even though the enthusiasm is palpable during the conversation, there are times Charlotte purposely isolates herself. "Before a show I'll withdraw, and everybody needs to leave me alone. Except for Boris (Pupul) of course. I'll just be in my room, watching a show or a make-up tutorial, by myself. It's a moment of self-care, in a way." It is a feeling she projects on tailor made clothing, "For a man it might mean something else. As a woman it feels like a celebration of you. It means putting yourself first, looking good. It means placing your femininity next to masculinity, on the same level." We couldn't agree more.   Charlotte is wearing:1.Black Silk Two-piece2.'Feather' Black Suit with Shorts3.Blue Two-piece Suit