Designing the perfect fit

At Café Costume, we take your sizes seriously. Our tailors are able to create your garment, suit, pair of trousers, ... perfectly according to your personal fit.

Tailoring /ˈteɪlərɪŋ/1. (of a garment, shoes, etc.) made inaccordance with a specific individual’s measurements.



be inspired

2. Initial appointment


1. Follow-up appointment

fitting & styling


Before ourrendez-vous


What’s your preferred style, colour and fabric? Café Costume has many options to choose from. Our tailors will guide you through the selection process, but we recommend that you come prepared. If you’ve explored the options beforehand, you’ll know what you like and what you dislike. Discover our own selection, a number of interesting hashtags and style icons worth following.

be inspired


Initial appointment


1. choosing the right outfit

Are you looking for a top-quality suit with the perfect fit? A shirt that closes neatly around your neck as well as your waist? Trousers that sit just right? A made-to-measure coat, waistcoat or blazer? Then you’ve come to the right place. You should arrange an appointment two (or more) months before you need the garment. Suits can be ready within 5-6 weeks, but we prefer to avoid unnecessary pressure.

2. choosing the right fabric

With thousands of textile options to choose from, you’ll be in fabric heaven at Café Costume. Our tailors will help you select the right textile, depending on the required garment and how soon you need it. The fabric you choose will determine how much your suit costs.

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3. choosing the right trims

Depending on the fabric, there are many options for styling your new piece. What buttons, collar and pockets would work best? And why? Along with your tailor, you’ll have the opportunity to personalise your garment and make it unique.

4. measuring your new fit

You’ve done the choosing, now we’ll do the measuring. To do this, we’ll put you onto one of our ‘pieds de stalles’ or fitting platforms. Guided by your tailor, you’ll find out how and why we modify the original pattern to suit your physique. Together, we’ll decide how long/short and wide/slim your fit should be.


follow-up appointment

fitting & styling

1. admire it

You get to see your personalised piece for the first time. Admire it.

2. try it on

The time has come to try on your suit! Minor alterations can still be done if necessary. These will only take a day or two, after which your suit will be waiting for you.

3. style it

Tie or bowtie? Suspenders or belt? Cufflinks on your shirt or a more casual look? Our shops are well-stocked with accessories. Your tailor will give you advice on the accessories that will complement your look. Now take home your garment and start enjoying it!

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1. Never clean it yourself

Only get your suit dry-cleaned if you’ve really partied hard and perhaps spilled wine on it. Otherwise, don’t worry about it. If your suit starts smelling musty, just hang it out or treat it with a spray of vodka. And pour yourself one while you’re at it. Cheers!

2. reordering your garment

If you manage to maintain the same bodyweight, we can reuse the measurements that we have on record. Let us know whenever you need a new garment. You know the drill by now.

3. new measurements needed?

Is your favourite suit from way back then not fitting like it used to? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our suits are tailored in such a way that we’re able to largen them.