Customize your wedding suit like you want it, and let us do the measuring.

Your day, your spotlight, so you get to decide. Our tailors are there for you, to guide you through our fabrics and show you all the possibilities. Your wedding day should be unforgettable and that perfect suit you had in mind will be an important part of that. Your tailor will provide you with more suit-knowhow than you imagine existed: dress codes, suit-etiquettes, attention to the smallest detail… We’ll make sure you’ll say ‘Yes, I do’ in style!


What type of groom are you?

You’re one of a kind. But how do you show your uniqueness? Going for a modern look with a classic touch, or do you prefer that classic dark blue suit with a youthful piece of accessory? Cufflinks or regular cuffs? Lacquered shoes or maybe some sneakers? Make it your own, be your own type of groom.


The fancygroom

The beachgroom

The tuxedogroom

The wintergroom

The casualgroom

The citygroom

Aunt Germaine just spilledsome wine on my crispwhite shirt – it's good to be prepared.

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Quick tip for a smelly suit

Pour some pure wodka in a spray bottle and sprinkle it over your suit to get rid of sweaty smells. Just finished the last drop of wodka? Bring on the heat: hang it above the radiator.

seen enough?