Tailoring à la carte

Bruno, Saskia and Angélique Van Gils launched Café Costume, an innovating label with which they bring the tailored suit back into the contemporary urban scene. These descendants of the Van Gils emporium bring together tradition, expertise and street credibility in an original experience concept. The suits of Café Costume are of the highest quality and yet they are exceptionally affordable. Bruno, Saskia and Angélique are cousins from the third generation Van Gils. All three of them were spoon fed on fashion from the cradle. In 2006 they started a new label “Café Costume”. The Café Costume concept is called ‘tailoring à la carte’: the customer determines what his suit will look like. He chooses the cut, the fabric, the lining and even the buttons by means of a menu. The power of the concept is also in the name according to Bruno. “Café" refers to enjoying good company, being accessible and hospitable and having a personality. "Costume" refers to tradition, style, quality, skilfulness, fashion and luxury. It’s probably because of our background, but we have tried to combine tradition, expertise and a very contemporary look from the very start.”