2006 marks the launch of Café Costume, an innovating label designed to reclaim the position of the tailored suit back within the contemporary urban scene. As a descendants of the Van Gils emporium, Bruno Van Gils combined tradition, expertise and street credibility to create a experience-oriented concept. The suits of Café Costume are of a premium quality, yet remain exceptionally affordable. As member of the third generation of the renowned tailoring family, Van Gils, Bruno was spoon fed fashion from the cradle. In 2006 he opened the doors to a first “Café Costume”-store. The concept was lovelingy baptisedd ‘tailoring à la carte’: the customer determines what their outfit will look like. They choose the cut, the fabric, the construction, the lining and even the buttons with the assistance of their tailor. The power of the concept lies partly in the name, according to Bruno. 'Café' refers to enjoying good company, being accessible and hospitable and having a personality. 'Costume' refers to tradition, style, quality, skilfulness, fashion and luxury. "It’s probably because of my background, but I have tried to combine tradition, expertise and a very contemporary look from the very start.” 16 years and 6 shop-openings later Café Costume has developed into a household name in the Belgian made-to-measure landscape. So much so that Bruno Van Gils initiated a Women's collection within the Café Costume brand. In its honour two new stores in Brussels-Dansaert and Antwerp opened their doors, specifically to welcome all those who have yet to find their way to Café Costume.