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A 2-piece suit starts from €590 and a 3-piece suit starts from €740. For more info on prices click here.

The choice of the fabric will determine the delivery time.Suits, jackets, coats & waistcoats will take 5 to 6 weeks depending on the fabric, from ordering till the first fitting.Shirts will take 5 weeks.

Normally there are 2 sessions. Both by appointment. 1st appointment: Picking out fabrics, buttons, linings and other details. Also we take measurements during this appointment. 2nd appointment: Together with your tailor you will have a look at the result and alterations will be done where needed. We also take our moment to style your suit. Do you need a tie, bowtie, belt, suspenders, shoes, cufflinks, pocket square,…?

Yes. We kindly ask you to make an appointment in order to give a personal and good service. As we want you to be guided by your tailor for every new order or re-order.Only looking for an accessory or just picking up finished suit? Then you are more than welcome to visit every shop without appointment. Our tailors will help you out.

Did one of the buttons come loose, do you need care-taking advice, have you lost or gained some weight,… Please contact your local store to make the necessary adjustments. Our tailors will help you out with pleasure.

If you like to order a tailored product, we ask a full payment in advance. If, in any way, we do not deliver the expected, we assure a full refund. We accept Bancontact, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard. Cash is an option but we prefer your cards.

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