When it comes to sartorial advise, we cannot imagine anyone more suited than Tom. Obviously, we jumped on the opportunity to provide the renowned stylist with a suit by our hand. At the same time, he might give us some advice, instead of the other way ‘round. His own creation was aptly dubbed “Neon Pink Night Dreams”, as it reminds Tom of a nightly cityscape, doused in the neon lighting of jazz clubs, music and whiskey. A method, he says, he often uses to create or inspire. “Music, among many things, is a source of inspiration to me. Listening to music can spark images of scenes playing before my eyes, complete with people around me.” Other muses are his friends, surroundings, art up to even dreams.

During his first appointment with his tailor, he vaguely hinted at his style having a ‘Gothic-era’ feel to it. When pressed Tom laughingly explained: “Don’t read too much into it. I do sometimes look back at my own ensembles and think ‘hmm, maybe a tad too witchy again?’ But at the same time, I don’t really mind either. It’s a part of me and my interest so it goes without saying it influences my work.”

“I understand the need for something more comfortable now, but I know a well-cut suit can provide comfort."

      The thing he truly admires about prior era’s is the time and effort put into clothing. “When I look at photos of bygone times, I am drawn to the scale of the fashion. Hats, nice suits, suitcases and even personalised umbrellas. Obviously, I understand the need for something more comfortable now, but I know a well-cut suit can provide comfort. Even though I think people should wear what they want, I can’t help but prefer a well-chosen outfit over a tracksuit.”   We can’t help but agree, even though, as Café Costume, have to admit a level of bias. As a stylist, this prejudice could also exist in Tom’s vision. His interests, however, reach beyond the world of people. “I always enjoy working outside. Especially plants and herbs fascinate me. Maybe because of the scents and smells too. If I didn’t do what I do now, I might become a farmer specialised in perfumes and soaps, haha!”

No doubt the creative process of his work would come in handy too! As for us, we can only enjoy Tom’s approach to style. As he sees it, everyone can create a clear style for him or herself. “Invest in accessories! A nice belt or shoes can boost an outfit incredibly. Jewellery also works, although it’s not for everyone. Also, try to make the outfit about you. Wear it as it suits you. There are enough people around wearing the same things already.”