Counterparts attract:When all weddings and events gave way to a calmer life, a Brussels’ Café Costume establishment went looking for an alternative use for one of its lounges. In came Denis Meyers. Denis Meyers is the first artist in line. As an artist with 25 years of experience creating, he is the perfect counterpart to a seemingly cordoned off portion of fashion.The idea of this collaboration really resonated with Meyers, given that the contemporary artist is all about juxtapositions.

"For me, wearing a suit is the epitome of elegance", thus urban artist Meyers whose work is centred around street art, graffiti and comic books. His mixture of heavy black & white contrasts and bold lettering will also be the art signature of choice for the CC collab. "Every month, I start filling a new diary with sketches to collect my thoughts and memories. I wanted to transfer this concept to CC as well by using my art to talk to people working here, visiting this place or just looking in." Resulting in wall-to-wall texts, notes and drawings. Covering up every bit of empty wall.

“For me, wearing a suit is the epitome of elegance"

Meyers unleashes his experiences talking to tailors and clients onto any canvas available to him. Any because Meyers' graphic expression isn't limited to the walls of the CC venue. Throughout the next few weeks, Meyers will, among other things, also be using a white suit as a canvas, an exclusive costume lining and other accessories such as a bandana as his canvas.

Denis Meyers' celebration of juxtapositions - ranging from "Paper vs fabric" and "urban vs classic" to "black vs white" - can be seen from 24th June until the 3rd July, at Rue Leon Lepage 24 in Brussels. During this time, the piece will continue to grow, drawing inspiration from you, the visitor, as well as from the area and the community. You will also be able to take home a piece of art as a lining in your suite or a bandana to go with it.