Café Costume. Sustainable production.

Sustainability is interwoven into every thread at Café Costume, because we also depend on nature for our textiles, our buttons, our linings, etc. That’s why we use the most environmentally-friendly production processes that we possibly can. Yes, as environmentally friendly as possible.

The textile industry is still responsible for 6% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Café Costume is first to admit that our processes aren’t yet fully green. However, acknowledging this means that we’re a step closer to achieving full sustainability. You and our customers deserve transparency. That is why we’re openly communicating about these issues and – unlike many other brands – oppose the current greenwashing trend.

How does Café Costume make sure that its operations are sustainable?

  • The production process starts with ordering

Our shops aren’t jam-packed with stock like most other tailors. We operate based on demand, meaning that we restrict wastage to an absolute minimum. Café Costume never produces surplus garments that have to be destroyed. In the fashion industry, this on-demand principle is unique, as well as sustainable.

  • Quality guarantees durability

Suits must be made to last. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to the quality of our garments. Seams shouldn’t undo themselves after three board meetings or a single wedding. And an unravelling suit looks anything but stylish and professional. At Café Costume, we do slow fashion instead of fast fashion.

  • External sustainability audit

Every year, we outsource the examination of our production process to external parties. In addition, we send monitoring reports to all our stakeholders. This keeps us up-to-date with the latest evolutions in sustainability, which we can subsequently integrate into our production process.

  • Honesty

We’re not going to lie to you. Right now, our suits aren’t easy to recycle. They contain all kinds of materials that are interwoven into and with one another, and separating these is not straightforward. But we are certainly considering other solutions, such as a Refresh Service. With a few simple, visual adjustments, we give a suit a second lease on life and a whole different style.

If your have any further questions about Café Costume’s operational sustainability, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our colleagues. You are most welcome to call or email us.