Lore Van Keer

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Lore Van Keer is a young Belgian jewellery label focusing on a minimalist design, ethical choices, handmade design and creative expression. We craft our jewellery for those who love clean lines, luxury and beauty. All jewels are technically refined creations in 925 sterling silver or 18-carat (white) gold. They each carry a master’s seal with reference to the purity of the precious metal. All of our jewellery is forged by the designer. A team of highly skilled goldsmiths take their time to manufacture and perfect every piece in our atelier in Belgium.

the collection - arven

ARVEN is a jewellery collection inspired by the mark we make on this life and what we pass on to others. Choose a letter or a personally significant combination from the thoughtfully designed ARVEN alphabet, wear it close to your skin and then pass it on to someone you love. Or choose a custom-designed, handmade ARVEN piece as a one-of-a-kind gift.

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beyond gender and generations

ARVEN is a wearable reminder of everything that is meant to last. Its lines carry more meaning than most, because they refer to the letters of an alphabet, the cornerstones of what we say to each other. The meaning of these lines, angles and curves are deepened by the intention of the person who chooses them. At the same time, the design itself doesn’t put its emotions on full display. ARVEN adds a layer of balance and beauty to guard the secret meaning behind your jewel of choice. The trail is hidden in plain sight, only visible to those who know the story behind it.