Café Costume presents a limited collection of exquisite cufflink based on the work of René Magritte. Limited edition. Made in Belgium. Hand finished. Silver plated. These jewels came to life with the help of jewel designer Karin Nuñez De Fleurquin.

About L'Invention Collective - 1934Rene Magritte reveals the strangeness hidden behind the most familiar things. Invention Collective depicts a fish merged with a woman's legs stranded on the beach. A reversed traditional mermaid. Rene's painting strips away the beauty and mystery surrounding the mermaid. He removed the beauty by using the opposites. Also the fish is stranded thus removing all the elegance of the mermaid, a fish out of water. This is a stark opposite to mermaids or sirens who in myths would lure men into the sea with their beauty.Because the cufflinks are based on a 2D painting, the Café Costume design team had to imagine the back of the woman/fish. The original mold was created and printed using 3D technology.