Sales advisor


As a key player in Belgium’s made-to-measure world, we’re never shy of opportunities. There’s always room for improvement in both services as in craft. You could be that upgrade. The world is collectively moving away from fast fashion, and Café Costume has traditionally offered a brighter alternative. In made-to-measure we present our clients with an option that’s elegant as well as more sustainable. A personal approach, a unique product at a supreme quality is our concept, of which you can be part.

What kind of person are you?

You have a clear feeling of what is trending and what is timeless. Your wardrobe of a personal style and you think fast fashion is not the future. In your life and ideals you balance a calm responsibility with a healthy dose of energy and fun. You welcome all walks of life, and savour social situations. You have an open mind and favour honesty over pretense. You possess a natural method of dealing with anything thrown at you, and remain approachable and team-oriented.

What does the job entail?

-From the first meeting clients are helped in a personal and excellent manner by you. You have an in-depth understanding of the customers needs.-Throughout the process you maintain the communication with your clients, and help them build a wardrobe befitting their lifestyle.-You are communicative through all channels, during your interactions with clients and team members alike-As a member of Café Costume, you have voice in all matters concerning styling, methods, progress and product is expected and appreciated.

What do we have on offer?

-An initial coaching into the vast universe of tailoring, with continuous training sessions throughout your employment.-Generous clothing budgets to build your own Café Costume wardrobe-Career growth opportunities into many strands of tailoring-A place in a third generation, family-owned business with a progressive mindset-Competitive compensation with team-oriented and personal dividends

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