Sarolea X Café Costume

Bikers in tailored suits.


Antwerp, May 9 – Café Costume’s ‘The Bar’ served as the location for the launch of the new model of Belgian motorcycle brand Saroléa, the N60 MM.01. The Mighty Machines, a concept by four Antwerp residents, is responsible for this collaboration between Saroléa, Café Costume, Hedon Helmets en Studio Blade. By ordering the MM.01, you may also expect to receive a stylish made-to-measure Café Costume suit, integrated with custom road protection. That’s a first.


Nagels, Delmé, Stella and Wanten are the brains behind the Mighty Machines, a concept that’s conceived two years ago with a passion for motorbikes in mind. With the MM.01, the title of their first Belgian-inspired collaboration, the Mighty Machines show their feel of exclusive lifestyle and craftmanship.

Saroléa: a legend in the Belgian motorcycle scene

At the heart of the collaboration sits the N60 MM.01, a fully electric motorcycle from the resurrected Belgian motorcycle brand, Saroléa.

“The design of this superbike is largely based on the racing engine the brothers Torsten and Bjorn Robbens used for the comeback of Saroléa in the TT Zero race on the Isle of Man”, explains co-founder Jeroen-Vincent Nagels.

With the help of Sarolea’s inhouse designer Serge Rusak, a streetfighter version was created to match the standards and values of the Mighty Machines. It features a mere 120kW of power (163HP), a driving range of 330 kilometers and an acceleration speed of nought to a hundred within 3 seconds.

Riding in style with Cafe Costume

The MM.01 collaboration is mainly based around Belgian talent, a fact that’s backed up by the role of the Cafe Costume fashion label.

This innovative label of fashion, founded by Bruno, Saskia and Angélique Van Gils, succeeded in re-introducing the tailored suit into the contemporary street scene. “We approached Bruno Van Gils with the question of whether motor-protection could be integrated into a tailor-made suit. Bruno immediately went with it”, said Jeroen-Vincent Nagels.

Heroine MM.01: Trendy carbon fiber helmet

The next step after developing a stylish ‘bikersuit’, was finding a designer to supply the collaboration with an apt helmet. “The goal was to create a stylish helmet, perfectly in line with a tailored suit, and one preferably made, like the Saroléa, of carbon fiber”, explains creative director Joop Wanten. “According to Reginald Flint of Hedon Helmets, the problem with most motorcycle helmets, is that they look a bit… well, really horrible. Fortunately, Hedon has in recent times become the leader in terms of design. The Mighty Helmet (the so-called Heroine MM.01) is the brand’s most exclusive creation to date”, says Joop Wanten.


Studio Blade: a cutting-edge piece of craftmanship

Finally, to complete the exclusive line-up, the Mighty Machines opted for a series of unique matching ‘everyday carry knives’, fashioned by Dimitri Turcott, master at Studio Blade.

He set to work with materials also used by Saroléa, such as carbon fiber, titanium, as well as high-quality Damascus steel.

Razor-sharp luxury package

The exclusive MM.01 package, consisting of the Saroléa superbike, the Café Costume bikersuit, the Heroine MM.01 designer helmet and the traditionally crafted Studio Blade knife, has a price tag of 69.000 euros, excluding taxes. It is possible to pre-order a limited edition MM.01 via the Mighty Machines, only 20 are available. Those interested can discover the MM.01 collaboration in the showroom Twenty 8 ( Reyndersstraat 26, 2000 Antwerp) for the month of June. Certain items can be ordered separately but for more information it’s best to make an appointment or contact the Mighty Machines at