Generally it is the inside that counts. Sounds weird, coming from a brand that delivers made-to-size garments? Well, if we’re honest, the outside does get a lot more attention than the inside does. However, during your visit to our shop your tailor is bound to ask you “have you thought about the lining?” To prevent you sitting there wondering why and what a lining is, here’s a -quite literal- behind the scenes look.
First let’s get the specifics out of the way: what is a “lining”? The lining of a garment is a piece of cloth or fabric that is sewn in underneath the main layer of fabric. It conceals the interfacing, padding and seams inside. Furthermore, lining is added because it can prevent transparancy, it can add a warming-element to your cloth, it can provide comfort that your fabric might not and it can even strengthen the structure of your garment. All that is interesting, but the truth is: you don’t see the lining while wearing it. 

Why bother talking about it then? Well: a lining is there just for you. As the wearer you are the sole admirer and benefiter of this luxury. So why not have some extra fun with it?
Traditionally natural fabrics are used as linings, and with good reason; since your body is in direct contact with the inside of your garments, you want these to feel as comfortable as possible. Silk is an ideal option, being both smooth and beautiful. As luck would have it, silk is the perfect texture to print on as its natural fibres absorb ink evenly. 

And that’s where the fun comes in. Your clothing often needs to be multifunctional. You have to be able to wear it to work first and to your parents afterwards. You need to look in place at a meeting as well as in a restaurant. Taking both into account restricts your creative (or sartorial) freedom. The lining is having none of that: go crazy. Previously we’ve offered pink, green-eyed cat rubbing up against your back. Then a full René Magritte piece as interior adornment. Currently you could opt for a psychedelic view of a mountain-range or a warped cityscape. We’ll not think less of you, quite the contrary!

At CC we are in the business of creating unique, personalised pieces. Meaning you are free to translate aspects of your personality to your outfit. Just because the meeting is boring, doesn’t mean you should be, too.