Your made to measure suit

Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a way of living, Choose to dress smart, choose a tailor, choose a made-to-measure suit, Choose to be inspired, choose your fabric, your lapel, your pockets, your buttons, your lining. Choose to be poetic. Choose an embroidery that reflects your soul. Choose wise, choose silly. Choose a bank, choose a bar. Choose a place you love. Choose to shine. Choose to be yourself. Choose your future. Choose life... Be unique.

dark grey hand made suit
Baloji wears a hand made suit by Café Costume
Let us help you in one of our stores.
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Our aim

We fine-tuned our family tradition of craftsmanship in tailoring to a modern day and age.
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Custom made

We combine our skills with quality material to bring you an out-of-body experience.
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