As a key player in Belgium’s made-to-measure world, we’re never shy of opportunities. There’s always room for improvement in both services as in craft. You could be that upgrade. The world is collectively moving away from fast fashion, and Café Costume has traditionally offered a brighter alternative. In made-to-measure we present our clients with an option that’s elegant as well as more sustainable. A personal approach, a unique product at a supreme quality is our concept, of which you can be part.

What kind of person are you?

You are familiar with patterns, shapes and textiles. You have a sharp eye and are not easily satisfied with results unless they are perfect. It is easy for you to maintain a clear view of multiple stages of work-progress and are appreciative of craftsmanship. You are practical and can functionally confer with colleagues to agree on a preferred approach to an issue. You can operate with deadlines and can carry the responsibility of quality control.

What does the job entail?

-Alterations and repairs to Café Costume garments are taken care of by you.-You communicate with the shop tailors and managers on the. progress go items in your care.-Deadlines for fittings are met by you and your team-members, providing the clients with the perfect garment they expect.-The quality Café Costume guarantees are maintained by you.

What do we have on offer?

-An initial coaching by experienced tailors, and, if needed, a course into the world of made-to-measure and alterations.-A competitive compensation in your field of work.-An atelier space, decked out with the necessary equipment to complete your detailed skill.-An organic workflow, a platform for creative and practical input and a set within an exciting, growing Belgian brand.

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