The ambassador's pick presents

Bent Van Looy

Belgian musician Bent Van Looy released his 3rd solo album: Yours Truly. A suitcase full of new songs about how life is and how it could be.Having a closer look at Van Looy’s wardrobe, it can be full of colour, patterns and good woolen textures. As Café Costume Ambassador he wears the suit with a distinct signature style.Guided by his Café Costume tailor, Bent recently commenced his first appointment with a coffee and personal tailoring talks. Seated around the dissembled buffet piano table, he discussed the important choice of cloth. One where variety comes into play, as Bent wants to wear his suit on a daily base, having the possibility to create a fresh combination of looks. That way he invests in several core wardrobe elements that are easily combined with other items, allowing to set up a flexible and elegant wardrobe.Bent chooses to work with two different Scottish Holland & Sherry cloths, more specific the gold wale winter corduroy, 100% cotton and a grey Harris Tweed fishbone.

Once the fabrics are chosen, Bent and his tailor also decide upon the personal preferences and suited details.

For the tweed jacket he prefers the inner lining to be elegant black and opts for colour burnt buttons, blending sand tones with black shades. For the winter corduroy they decide to create a more loose and comfortable style. The jacket will be unconstructed, without inner lining and subtile olive green/grey buttons as closure details.

A tailored suit is not an immediate thing. You can’t buy one off the racks, but you’ll have to work for it with your tailor and await the result. During the first appointment you will be guided through your choices of cloth and personalize the suit in its details. And you will also be measured by one of our experienced tailors. When these steps are taken, the countdown is there. Depending on the choice of fabric for your suit, you’ll have to wait 4 till 6 weeks for the result.

All-round artistic details to suit his style and personality. We suggest to style both of the jackets with a magnificent winter tie.