You’ve been measured, challenged, inspired, turned around, fitted to perfection. You’re all set. And you’re hungry. Good thing Antwerp is your oyster. Start the day at Caffénation or Butchers for the best cup of coffee. Call ahead and get a dinner table at L’Amitié, just around the corner from Café Costume. Order the modern tapas to share and dive into their wine selection. If you’re looking for a less carnivorous, more relaxed time out, check out Middle Eats. If the opposite applies, get old school French chic at Ciro’s – the waiters in black aprons and white shirts are A plus.

The start of many a great story is a single drink, so mosy on down to Vitrin to see and be seen or savour the most exquisite cocktails your tongue will have the pleasure of knowing at Belroy’s Bijou or Dogma. If your predilection lies with wine, check out Bar Bel or the unassuming Café Ernst.

Not to be outdone by her eateries and late-night watering holes, the city of Antwerp has so much more for you to stumble into: rent a city bike for the day and trek from town square to town square, crossing the Marnixplaats, Theaterplein (weekend markets!), Mechelseplein, De Coninckplein, Troonplaats and Draakplaats, if the sun is out. Pop into the MAS or Rubenshuis but avoid the Groenplaats for tourist trap reasons. While you’re there, dive into a portal between the restaurants and get lost in a 16th-century cobblestone utopia, the ‘Vlaaikensgang’.

Our full list ofrecommendations:_____________


L’Amitié – Middle Eats – Ciro’s – Camino – Restaurant Veranda

Escobar – Barnini – Perruche – camino


Vitrin – Butchers Coffee – Belroy’s Bijou – Dogma – De Nieuwe Linde

Bar Brut – Bar Bel – Walvis – Zeezicht


MAS – Zuid – Marnixplaats – Kloosterstraat – Vrijdagsmarkt – Rubenshuis

Cathedral of Our Lady – Vlaaikensgang