Looking amazing and getting measured for an amazing suit can be exhausting. It’s a good thing Brussels is always brimming with options to top up your spirit and stomach alike. Pre-game your Café Costume BXL visit with brunch at Chicago Café or soup up after your consultation with a ‘plat du jour’ at Chez Richard, get into the world-famous spaghetti slurping at Bar Monk or fork up the catch of the day at Bij Den Boer.

If it’s a stiff one you’re after, get served at Daringman or get swanky with wines at Bar Du Canal. Fling your jazz hands skywards at iconic piano bar L’Archiduc and name Bar Beton or Kaffabar your caffeination stations of choice.

Cinema buffs should schedule some time at national film archive Cinematek, where impactful classics from past decades grace the screen. Fill your mental moodboard at MiMa Museum or soak up the morbid drama at the Wiertz Museum. If you’re staying the weekend, at Le Berger for example, get up early to scour the Brussels Vintage Market every first Sunday of the month and stick around for drinks on the Saint-Géry square. And just like that – hook, line, sinker – our nation’s capital will have you falling in love with its diversity, energy and scruffy good looks.

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Chez Richard – Henri – Bar Monk – Oficina – La Bottega Della Pizza – Mer Du Nord

Winehouse Osteria – Bij Den Boer – Chicago Café – Bar Du Canal - Wittamer – Pierre Marcolini


Daringman – Kumiko – Bar Beton – Lord Byron – Arthur Orlans – Life is Beautiful – La Pharmacie Anglaise

L’Archiduc – Brasserie Verschueren – Moeder Lambic – Goupil Le Fol


Vossenplein market – Pierre Paulus Park – Bois de la Cambre – Cinematek – MiMa Museum – Marché du Midi –

Brussels Vintage Market – Taschen Store – Le Berger – The Hotel – Jam Hotel – Brussels Chocolate Museum – Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art