Has all that talk of wool with your tailor made you crave… lamb? Get a reservation at K-Town’s cult favourite: Fernand. In winter, people flock from all over the country to savour their munch-loved cheese, eggs, buttermilk and potato delicacy – the so-called ‘karnemelkstamper’.

Fully fed, raise a glass to your new suit at Kortrijk’s famed Jules hotel bar. Hang out and gargle a few vintages from their extensive wine list featuring bottles from every corner of the world. Jules’ terrace is where you’ll want to be seen in summer. If you’re looking for the finest interior details to cosy up to in winter, head to experiential bar Nude. When the weather permits, catch up with the locals down by the lowered river banks near 'de Leie'.

If you’re a connoisseur of fine cinema, make your way to Budascoop and catch the indie flick everyone’s been buzzing about lately or dance till your legs give out at concert venue De Kreun a.k.a. ‘The Moan’. Saucy.

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Fernand – De 7 Zonden – Vesper – Va et Vient

Balthazar – La Cantine


Jules Bar – Nude – ‘t Fonteintje – Viva Sara

Bar Amorse - De Dingen (!) - 't Plein


Texture – Boekenhuis Theoria – Tangram – Budascoop – De Kreun – Buda Beach

Bar Amorse – Lowered riverbanks Lys