If stroking fabric swatches, thumbing through buttons and rubbing the softest linings on your cheek has riled up your appetite, go for the industrial space at Pakhuis as you bid our tailors adieu. Start with a plate of Fruits de mer and get a mouthful of their own biological meat. You won’t regret it.

Parched? The mixologists over at internationally acclaimed cocktail bar Jigger’s have plenty stirred up for you.These prize-winning concoctions are potent – booking a room in the city is not the worst plan you’ll come up with while you’re sipping. Good thing there’s hangover coffee aplenty at GIRI Café.

If you really want the classic Ghent experience, stroll through the museum of fine arts, cross the street into the SMAK , visit the newly built library and cultural hub De Krook or book a private walking tour after or before your store visit. The tour takes roughly two hours, long enough for you to fall in love with the ins and outs of this ancient city.

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Pakhuis - Commotie - Illyrian - La Boucherie by Bar Jeanne- Rizoom - Roots - Beiruti - Aba-Jour


Jigger’s – Gitane– The Cobbler – Gomez - Ona Wine Bar - Palenque - Alchemist - Den Turk


MSK Gent – SMAK – Design Museum Gent – De Krook – Film Fest Gent – Private Tours

Patershol - Books 'n Vinyl market on Sunday (Ajuinlei) - Oude Dokken