So Sir, would you prefer a classic three- or two-button suit? Or maybe you are partial to the trendier one-button? Trousers’ style, pleated or flat-front? Cuffed? Being mesmerised by the skills of our tailors and at the same time filled with too many details to reach your luxurious suit goal?

Just take a break and pass the street, heading to Ötap. Refresh your mind and satisfy your appetite with amazing quality and a good variety of a fine restaurant.

Take a sip of heaven from the infused coctails of The Modern Alchemist. And last but not least, give some time to your stomach to digest all this luxurious trip while taking a romantic walk to the beautiful Parc Tenbosh or amaze your eyes and spirit some more with the extraordinary views of Villa Empain.

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Cocina - Ötap - Gazetta - La bottega della pizza - RacinesOld Boy - Al bacio - Nenu - Marcella - Wittamer


Chez Franz - Tarzan - Supra Bailly - The Modern AlchemistRebel - Chez Richard - VertigoLa famille - Titulus - Café Belga


Horta museum - Musée d’Ixelles - Villa Empain - Place Du ChâtelainBois de la cambre - Parc Tenbosch - Place Fernand Coq - Place Flagey