Let’s be honest, on the whole sport journalists are not exactly style icons. However, Aster Nzeyimana has us reeling and made us realise generalisations are often false, including this one. Very early in the process it becomes clear Aster is aware of the style he envisions. “I sometimes take inspiration from Harry Styles, who, through the grace of some extremely talented designers such as Harris Reed and Alessandro Michele, created an aesthetic I can relate to.” Aster himself has not encountered many faux-pas’ in his career, although an early advise not to wear jeans that are too skinny only started to make sense more recently.

100% SUPER 100 WOOL Fabric by Tallia di Delfino  


“It takes some getting used to, but ultimately you can learn how to deal with these opinions."

Fabric by Vitale Barberis Canonico

This pointer becomes apparent in the design of his suit trousers. Cut higher than average, Aster’s length is highlighted by fitting snugly around the waistline. From here the natural shape of the upperleg is followed down to the knee, from where it gradually fans out. The suit jacket has silhouette in concordance with its lower part. Having a fairly wide shoulder, it leaves room for the bustling personality and movement it requires. The waistline is accented sufficiently, all the while maintaining the balance of the look.
In a lush green cloth by Tallia di Delfino, Aster creates an impression of aloofness that fits his persona. In his experience the stigma that comes with being on television comes with prejudice. “It takes some getting used to, but ultimately you can LEARN how to deal with these opinions. I’m lucky to that aspect, as I’m pretty careless, generally.” As for the darker suit, by Vitale Barberis Canonico, cut is key. Combined with a vast array of colourful shirts and subtle accessoires, it’s an outfit not to underestimate.

All in all, Mr Nzeyimana is clearly not looking to attract attention with his sartorial choices, but can surely expect to receive some appreciation by those in the know. “Ultimately, knowing what to wear demands some social intelligence. It really depends on the vibe. And be careful: overdressing is a thing.”