Of all the things Ghent has to offer, its people are among the greatest gifts. Perfect example of this is Wouter Bouvijn, who we meet in his beautiful town house. First impressions account for a lot and in his colourful home Wouter invites visitors into his calm, bright aura. That’s not to say his work displays the same energy. Productions such as Red Light, The Twelve and Crossroads’ show an intense and calculated mind at work. It comes down to visualizing, he explains. “The magic needs to come alive between ‘action’ and ‘cut’. When the cameras are rolling. No matter how prepared you are, or even how visually detailed it might be in your mind’s eye.”

"I'd describe my style as comfy-classy. A style I maintain while on set."

To prepare is to make room for his gut feeling as a director. “I’m extremely prepared before shooting. However, as soon as the cameras start rolling, I let my instincts take over.” Wouter confesses, “It’s the meticulous preparation that keeps me on track.” Testament to this modus operandi is his wardrobe, selected with a goal in mind. “I’d describe my style as comfy-classy. A style I maintain while on set.” Bouvijn states; “The story is what matters on set. Everyone has a part to play, a part that, in turn, serves the characters. On set, I’m not supposed to stand out. That changes during the première, when I’m dressed to walk the red carpet. Wouter relishes donning his suit for these occasions, which Café Costume can only applaud. “For a party, it’s perfectly OK to stand out. But as in film-making, details matter.” Recounting his experience while creating his suit, he adds, “Every part of the suit has a specific effect, from button to collar felt. Wearing a tailored suit is an experience beyond compare.” With everything Wouter Bouvijn has been putting out, he’s had to wear suits at regular intervals. “Since ‘De Twaalf’ I’ve been keeping busy. After ‘1985’ I’m planning to take some time to regroup, read and continue writing my first feature film.” To Wouter, reading serves as relaxation as much as it helps in finding likely new projects.