Last Thursday was the day. You were there, we were there, none of us left early. Brussels is once again fully operational, not small thanks to Ellen Van Laer and Arno Broeckhoven of AE Studio.

We converged in an overhauled arena sprinkled with rounded nooks and sloping crannies. Linnen draperies gave the whole setting an airy and light mood. Perfect for an impromptu party. And that's exactly what we were in for: fellow tailor Jannes took the care of the tunes fit (and pleasantly unfit) for the occasion. Bold beers by Brasserie Surréalist, delectable natural wines by Arte Sano and tasty rice rolls by Keens to chin kept us all going. 

What really set the vibe was the audience though, a combination of loyal Café Costume fans, tailors, enthusiasts, passerby's and friends proved the ideal breeding ground. And we have photos to how for it.