Café Costume X Lara Frankl

Let your personality shine through by wearing your heart on your sleeves.The collection consists of 4 standout designs fully made from 925 sterling silver, each piece combined with different mineral stones.

Because of the truly hand-made nature of these cufflinks, each piece has a unique shape, roughness and colour. These accessories couldn’t be less run-of-the-mill. Lara Frankl was inspired by minimalistic lines, graphic shapes and an aesthetic of natural purity.

She looked at sculptures, decorative prints and modernism, channelling all of the above into pieces of essential design.Need a hand figuring out which pair suits your individual style the best?Head to our Antwerp store, where the designer herself is part of the store team and can assist you in person.

Lara Frankl cufflinks – limited edition, €160 / pair